HARRIS Associates - Westborough, MA
HARRIS Associates - Westborough, MA

Coverage Analysis

For more than 20 years HARRIS has provided strong legal guidance to insurance professionals relative to all types of coverage claims. Recognized for our expertise in evaluating and providing legal options regarding the application of coverage under automobile, homeowner, commercial and professional liability policies, we have the knowledge to ask the right questions and the expertise to get you the best results.

We specialize in the interpretation and defense of:

HARRIS is also frequently called upon by their clients to assist in the personal injury protection claim process where fraud is involved.

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Extra Contractual Exposure

We have a long tradition of successfully defending insurers against allegations of unlawful settlement practices. Bad faith litigation continues to be on the rise in Massachusetts.  Litigants seeking to explore every potential source of recovery will typically name the insurer as a party defendant. Our aggressive defense of such claims has shown many to be unsubstantiated. 

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